All Da Man's Books......An All That Jazz

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Posted by Michelle Ferguson on July 16, 19102 at 06:07:32:

I picked up the hardback copy of Det.First.Grade when I was in highschool( that would have made me a Sophor...Yes Im rather young thank you very much);It was the first print just out at the libary. At the time I was into reading things about cops an mafia. I must have read it 3 times till it had to go back. I was lost in it .Like seeing a movie in my head non-stop. About a year or so later I picked up the Paperback of it an read it all over again, then finding there where more to this. I was so happy that I bought "Edge of the City" & "Hyde" at the same time and read them as well.

I had Hyde in my hands when I went looking for the "Once In, Never Out" the kid at the store thought I was nuts when I went on about Mr. Mahoney. But I got my book an I was at the park that late afternoon and was half way thru at dust. When I read parts to "Black and White" I could not wait to get my paws on it.

As to date I have all but "The Two Chinatowns" & "Gibraltar". After just reading the 9 chapters to TTC Im so goin to look an get this book {and replace Det.First Grade its starting look like it needs to be retired to my bookshelf to be safe}.

So to you Dan Mahoney you have a fan for life. I never thought to read policed theamed fiction but you had me hook line an fly with yer first work.
Thank you for all that you put into your books to give someone who has never seen NYC and probly never will a chance to see it in yer eyes. Thank you.

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Subject: Re: All Da Man's Books......An All That Jazz


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