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Welcome to my site. I'm Dan Mahoney, as I guess you can fathom from that big graphic up there. As it tells you, I've written a number of books after retiring from the NYPD. You can read the first four or five chapters of each of them here, and if you like my stuff and need more, you can buy them online from Barnes and Noble with a click and a credit card.

I've also included a few complete reviews for each book, so you can read the mostly good and a few bad things the critics have had to say about them. If you're impressed or disappointed after reading my books and feel the need to tell me so, you can e-mail me your own comments and I'll make every effort to reply in a timely fashion.

If you're interested in the PI business, you can click onto the Holmes Detective Bureau site and learn a little about what I do to pay the bills in between books and tours. (As you read along in my books, you'll notice that I shamelessly plug the company at every opportunity.) If interested, you can also click onto the Eddie Money site to learn what my brother has been up to lately.

So bookmark this site, return often to check out what's new, drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Enjoy yourself, and keep reading! (Hardcover if possible).

-Dan Mahoney

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